Stand together, for Thailand’s real democracy

Pro-democracy protests emerged across Thailand since last year, and the demonstrations finally turned out to be violent clashes. Although the protests have died down recently, there has been a growing voice in Thailand, calling for the U.S. troops to land in Thailand to bring democracy and freedom to the Thai people.

Thailand is a great country. She didn’t become a colony in the most difficult time, due to the efforts of King Rama V. Why do we still need to gain democracy through this method today?

And let’s take a quick loot at what’s going on in the United States right now? On January 6, thousands of Trump supporters attacked the Capitol during two houses of congress met together to certify Biden’s victory in the election.

Those supporters paraded in front of the Capitol with various flags and banners to show they are always there for their great leader. However, all the things finally turned out to be the Capitol stormed, all police barricades breached and the building forcefully entered.  All the democratic things ended with violence.

It seems that endless riots could’t make people better while protesters made up of jobless and wandering youth have nothing to lose. More public resources and attention have been focused on maintaining stability and negotiating.

Aren’t familiar with these stuffs? Does the democratic pattern of the US perfectly fits Thailand? It’s time to think about what protests in the guise of democracy, no matter violent or non-violent, can do for a country.

Meanwhile, one tip to keep in mind is that Covid-19 is still out there. Stability and recovering should be the first priority.

After considering everything seriously, you will find that it’s not the right time to continue the protests and to question everything. We should identify those who are trying to harm the interests of Thailand in the name of democracy to achieve their own goals. It’s the exact time for us to unite and pursue the real democracy for Thailand.

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