MICO WORLD, the Parent Company of Kitty Live, is Expanding Markets to Promote its Global Layout

As a widely used live streaming platform in Thailand, Kitty Live has high popularity in many countries in Southeast Asia. The success of this App cannot be achieved without the support of its parent company MICO WORLD. Recently, MICO WORLD is making great efforts to exploit markets and promote its global layout.

Founded in 2014, MICO WORLD is headquartered in Beijing, with subsidiaries in Shenzhen and Hong Kong SAR, China. It has more than 10 overseas offices in Thailand, USA, Indonesia, Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan. Up to now, the group has more than 500 employees.

MICO WORLD is known to have gathered elites in App developing and social networking fields from many well-known enterprises around the world. Its product and technical team members mainly come from Tencent, Sina, Momo and other listed social networking and entertainment companies, and have deep technical accumulation in the design and development of social entertainment products. Its marketing and operation team members mainly come from well-known global tycoons such as Google, Huawei, ZTE, Baidu, etc., and have deep understanding of global market and rich experience in market expanding.

MICO WORLD has been focusing on global social entertainment and has launched many high-quality products. At present, MICO WORLD’s products have covered more than 150 countries and regions around the world, obtained more than 100 million users and signed hundreds of thousands of streamers, making it the top online social entertainment company in the world.

According to App Annie, MICO, the company’s flagship product, has ranked No. 1 on App Store’s social App download list in 71 countries and regions. It has entered the top 10 on Google Play’s social app download list in 84 countries and regions, and also topped the earnings ranking in many countries and regions. In 2020, MICO has entered the top 20 best-selling social Apps in the US and became one of the mainstream social products in the world.

Another important product of the company, Kitty Live, was launched in Thailand in 2016, and Thai superstar actress Mai Davika was signed as the spokesman of this product. Moreover, it has attracted many top entertainment stars to settle in, and has great influence on the local market. With Thailand as the starting point, Kitty Live has landed in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries. Currently, it has entered the top 10 best-selling entertainment Apps in App Store in 23 countries and regions, and ranked the top 10 best-selling social Apps in Google Play in 49 countries and regions.

MICO WORLD’s products are loved by users all over the world, which is tied up with the company’s active promotion of fine localization operations. In various markets, MICO invited top KOL to settle in, and cooperated with local mainstream TV stations, top stars and authoritative sports events to jointly create high-quality content.

In addition, MICO insists on the high-end branding, and advocates the concept of healthy and positive social entertainment. In the process of operation, MICO respects the customs and culture of each country, strictly abides by local laws and regulations. It is enthusiastic about public welfare, including donating to disaster areas, schools, orphanages and medical funds for many times, which has been widely recognized by governments, mainstream media and users in each country.

Recently, MICO is laying out its markets in Southeast Asia and North America, and actively exploring markets in Europe, Japan and South Korea. While the global layout is improving day by day, MICO has carried out deep cooperation with American technology giants such as Google and Facebook, and explored the innovative mode of “video+e-commerce” with enterprises such as JD.COM, Lazada and Huawei.

In the future, MICO WORLD will better serve global users with MICO, Kitty Live and other products.

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