Crypto world Reverse prosperity in the post-pandemic age Harvard University recommendation: Fight to Fame BMS

Bangkok,Thailand – As of now, the unique business model of Fight to Fame BMS is attracting a lot of attentions form Harvard University blockchain lab. According to the article that Harvard University blockchain lab recently posted on their website, Fight to Fame BMS has the potential to become a leading role into a new era, to redefine and escalate entertainment and sport tournaments industry. So far,  Fight to Fame BMS has been proven to be the most successful in such aspect.

The combination of the sport tournaments and Fight to Fame action star reality shows have created a unique “Blockchain + Movie + Sport” profit driven business model in the field of cryptocurrency. The distribution of FF Tokens among global fight fans and movie fans have made FF Token to be considered the only cryptocurrency that can compete with Bitcoin. By publishing such an article, it is obvious that Harvard University is taking seriously on investment discussions for the topics related to Industrial upgrading from light-asset industry to digital assets after global pandemic.

According to a newly published article on the official website of Harvard University Blockchain Lab,  “How Cryptocurrencies and Entertainment Industries such as Gaming and TV / Streaming Media Really Work Together“. It pointed out that: “The potential scope of cryptocurrency’s impact on the entertainment industry such as gaming and TV streaming services is exciting” Also, “Entertainment will always have large global influence.”  The blockchain lab has elaborated on some important viewpoints, “In the past few months, we have witnessed Fight to Fame BMS FF Token through athlete registrations; fight competitions; action star reality shows; generating a new generation of boxing champions; and creating a new generation of Hollywood action superstars is an outstanding performance of blockchain. “

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